Software de diseño y gestión de Dahua


Access control device config tool mainly supports building A&C device. This is a config tool designed for A&C device and it is similar to ConfigTool.

This is an alarm device config tool mainly supports building alarm device. This is a config tool designed for alarm device similar to ConfigTool.

This tool can operate on multiple devices at the same time, with main functions of batch modify IP, batch create password, batch change password, batch upgrade device, batch add white list, and batch add black list.

Camera Calculator
This tool can confirm focal length, scene width and distance by camera type, resolution and etc.

This tool mainly configures Dahua device of second, third generation of Dahua protocols. It supports info view, single/batch modify IP, detailed parameter config, time sync, reset, default, change password, upgrade, template application and etc.

This tool converts record of different streams. It supports dav, flv, avi, ps/ts, pure h264, h265, mpeg4, and third party stream as original stream which can be converted into flv, MP4, avi, asf, dav, ps/ts formats.

This tool can calculate HDD space required by record encode format, resolution and etc.

This software mainly playback and download record in Dahua hard disk with cut-preview, cut, watermark, config, frame parity and etc. It supports view of pattern on map. It can read and display record related info on hard disk and format hard disk.

Product Selector
This software helps the customer and pre-sales engineer easily complete the product selection. The main features include product filtering, product comparison, product details view, product accessories view, product documentation download, and product HD pictures download.

This tool can remotely connect NVR or DVR devices, and search, preview, and download video into batches.

This software is a video player designed for surveillance field. It has functions of play control, preview by part, file export, parity and etc. It supports formats like: avi, mp4, flv, asf, mov, dav, dav_ and etc. The software has multiple window sync or async play, as well as smart track display. SmartPlayer also supports fisheye record correction and window adjustment.

SmartPSS is the client software for DVR, HCVR, EVS, NVR, IPC, SD, NVS etc.

This is a talk device config tool mainly supports building talk device. This is a config tool designed for talk device similar to ConfigTool.